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1. What is People's Liberation Movement of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?

People's Liberation Movement USSR- this grass-roots, public movement directed on restoration of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics and disposals of a foreign preponderance The USA and Europe in our life!

People's Liberation Movement USSR - it is uniting force for all political organisations directed on Homeland strengthening.

2. Purposes of the People's Liberation Movement USSR?

As a result of revolution in 1991г. governing bodies of the USSR have been liquidated, the country is artificially split into 15 parts and we have lost the Country sovereignty!

The purpose of People's Liberation Movement USSR - to return governing bodies and to return the full sovereignty of the Country by restoration of the USSR legislative, executive and judicial organisations, according to the Soviet Constitution (Basic law) of 1977! We for the great Russian multinational People and territorial integrity of the USSR.

3. Why People's Liberation Movement USSR?

Also as our grandfathers rose on protection of the Homeland against invaders, Your time has come also to release the country from a preponderance of foreign agents!

We for restoration of the Soviet Union, for right continuity return, for return of national riches, for a victory over corruption, for protection of the homes and the families, for traditional values of the great Russian multinational People of our Great Country!

4. Do it:




Founders of the movement:

The National Military Council of the USSRThe National Military Council of the USSR
Autonomous nonprofit organization The Рeoples businessAutonomous nonprofit organization The Рeoples business
The public service Union AntiterrorThe public service Union Antiterror
Social Human organization White Wind LaDARiASocial Human organization White Wind LaDARiA
National Committee for Environmental safety of RussiaNational Committee for Environmental safety of Russia
News Agency Russian media (Russian Code)News Agency Russian media (Russian Code)