Goals and objectives

Organisation and coordination of all lawful actions, directed on transition the citizens and legal entities in the territory of the USSR in full legal status of citizens and legal entities of the USSR.

Restoration of activity of the state legislative, judicial and executive bodies of the USSR.

Assistance to a unification and mutual trust, to cooperation and civil solidarity for the sake of historical success of the USSR, its freedom, prosperity, wellbeing and safety, territory disposal and authorities of the USSR from colonial dependence, finding by the country of the full sovereignty.

Assistance to return of political system of Russia and republics of the USSR to the Constitution of the USSR from 1977 year.

Assistance to more and more wide participation of citizens in state and society administration, to government improvement, to increase of activity of public organisations, strengthening of national control, to strengthening of a legal basis of the state and public life, constant accounting of public opinion.

Assistance to return to a sole property of the state: the territory, its subsoil, waters, the woods, fixed assets of production in the industry, construction and agriculture, automobiles and communications, banks, property of state, municipal and other enterprises, fixed city housing stock, and also other property necessary for implementation of problems of the USSR.

Assistance to the USSR in acceptance of necessary measures for protection and scientifically reasonable, rational use of the territory and its subsoil, water resources, plant and animal life, for preservation in purity of air and water, ensuring reproduction of natural riches and improvements of the environment surrounding the Peoples in interests of the present and future generations in the USSR.

Contribution to strengthening of social uniformity of society - to deleting of class distinctions, essential distinctions between the city and the village, intellectual and physical work, to full development and rapprochement of all nations and nationalities of the USSR.

Assistance to introduction in life of programs of transformation of agricultural work in a version of the industrial; expansions in rural areas of a network of establishments and to development of the state systems of national education, cultures, health care, trade and public catering, consumer services and municipal services; transformations of the small  and middle villages to well-planned settlements.

Assistance to introduction and improvement of uniform system of national education, which provides general educational and vocational training of citizens, serves patriotic education, spiritual and physical development of youth, prepares them for work and public work.

Assistance in ensuring systematic development of a science and preparation of scientific shots, the organisations of introduction of results of scientific researches in a national economy and other spheres of life.

Assistance of the USSR to care about protection, enhancement and wide use of cultural wealth for moral and aesthetic education of citizens, increase of their cultural level.

Assistance to equality of citizens before the law irrespective of an origin, social and property status, racial and national identity, floor, education, language, relation to religion, sort and nature of occupations, residence and other circumstances.

Assistance in providing to citizens of the right to work, - that is on receiving the guaranteed work with salary according to its quantity and quality and not below the minimum size established by the State.

Assistance in providing to citizens of a right to rest – that is establishment for workers and employees of the working week which is not exceeding 41 hour, shortened working hours for a number of professions and productions, the reduced period of operation at night; and also expansion of a network of the cultural and educational and improving establishments, development of mass sports, physical culture and tourism.

Assistance in providing to citizens of a right to health protection- that is the free qualified medical care rendered by public institutions of health care; expansion of a network of establishments for treatment and strengthening of health of citizens; development and improvement of safety measures and production sanitary; carrying out wide preventive actions; measures for environment improvement; special care about younger generation health, including prohibition of child labour, not connected with training and labour education; expansion of the scientific researches directed on the prevention and decrease in incidence, on providing long active life of citizens.

Assistance in providing to citizens of a right to maintenance in old age, в случае болезни, полной или частичной утраты трудоспособности, а также потери кормильца - то есть социальное страхование рабочих и служащих, пособия по временной нетрудоспособности; выплаты за счет государства и предприятий пенсий по возрасту, инвалидности и по случаю потери кормильца; трудоустройство граждан, частично утративших трудоспособность; забота о престарелых гражданах и об инвалидах; другие формы социального обеспечения.

Assistance in providing to citizens of a right to housing– that is development and protection of the State and public housing stock, assistance to co-operative and individual housing construction, equitable distribution under public control of living space, provided in process of implementation programs of construction of well-planned houses, and also low rent and municipal services.

Assistance in providing to citizens of the right to education– that is free of charge all types of education, implementation of general compulsory secondary education of youth, wide development professional, secondary vocational and higher education on the basis of communication of training with life, with production; development of correspondence and evening education; granting the State grants both privileges to pupils and students, free issue of school textbooks; training possibilities at school in the native language; creation of conditions for self-education.

Assistance in providing to citizens of the right to using achievements of culture– that is general availability of values of domestic and world culture, being in state and public funds; development and uniform placement of cultural and educational establishments in the territory of the country; development of television and radio, publishing business and periodicals, network of free libraries; expansion of a cultural exchange with the foreign states.

Assistance in providing to citizens of the right of finding of a family under protection of the state – that is manifestation by the USSR of care of a family by creation and development of a wide network of child care facilities, organisations and improvement of consumer services and public catering, payments of grants on the occasion of the birth of the child, granting grants and privileges to large families, and also other types of grants and the help to a family.

Assistance in providing to citizens of the right to a guarantee of integrity of human beings.

Assistance in providing to citizens of the right to a guarantee of inviolability of the dwelling.

Assistance in providing to citizens of the right to passports of the USSR, and also in recovery of the column Nationality.

Establishment of international relations with public associations, operating in the territory of other Countries and chosen a way of disposal of colonial dependence, sovereignty finding.


For achievement of the purposes Movement has chosen the following activities:

  • carrying out the various actions directed on achievement of the purposes of Movement;
  • publishing and printing activity;
  • performances in mass media, carrying out public actions;
  • interaction with public authorities and local governments;
  • carrying out lectures and seminars, organisation and participation in round tables and so forth;
  • development and distributions of methodical grants;
  • information distribution on all types of the carriers resolved by the legislation;
  • other kinds of activity which have not been forbidden by the legislation of the USSR.