About movement

The purpose of People's Liberation Movement – restoration of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, which was impudently and cynically destroyed in 1991! We – for the National State and territorial integrity of the USSR.

The analysis of political life of the country for the last two with superfluous decades confirms the unfavourable fact, that as a result of defeat in 40-year war between the Soviet Union and the USA in 1991, in defiance of all laws of the USSR and by means of total deception of the citizens, the top of "Power" created the Russian Federation, not having the real sovereignty.

As a result of military-political treachery by Gorbachev's teams and Yeltsin’s teams the Soviet Union was illegally dismembered on 15 separate states, each of which has no sovereignty, as the states which have arisen owing to military defeat.

The winner in this war – the United States of America – for control over the struck territory which has been partially occupied, and in a case with the countries of Baltic – partially annexed, created the Power office in the Russian Federation under control, previously having withdrawn from the defeated territory strategic resources, having distributed key industrial facilities and a resource extracting infrastructure between the affiliated structures.

Today under all international laws the Soviet Union exists. It is live! Gorbachev and Yeltsin's teams in the USSR were illegally liquidated all institutes of the power and management, and instead of them the new are created, entirely operated by the western puppeteers.

The created Russian financial system directly depends on the American Dollar, actually, we daily pay humiliating tribute for the USA for military-political defeat of 1991!

Political system of the created Russian Federation, along with information, economic, public spheres, directly depends on the external managing director – the United States of America.

You will not find in articles imposed in 1993 to our People - Constitutions of the Russian Federation and any institute of the power, which would be engaged in the management of domestic policy of the Russian Federation. Neither President, nor Government, neither Federation Council, nor State Duma – nobody directs domestic policy and does not bear responsibility for the events in our Homeland. And it means only one – while there is no Owner, strangers will order – as occurs today.

Citizens of the Soviet Union! We can solve nothing if without having returned strategy of development of our Homeland to the our hands. Without having restored the Soviet Union – we will not return right continuity, we will not return national riches, we will not win corruption, we can not protect the home and the families!

We urge of all to enter in the People's Liberation Movement, who is not indifferent to the future of our Big Country, also understand reality of that problem, which our political movement is urged to solve!